Table of Contents

Below you will find a brief summary of all of the different sections you can explore on our website! 

Top Menu


Here you will find galleries that focus on sand and sea pollution. We will also feature cool ideas and amazing organizations so you can take the next step to do your part.

Tips & Safety

Whether you want to know what a rip current is, or how to heal a sunburn, this is where you will find useful information to make your beach experience the smartest and safest it can be.

The Local Weather

Have a look at what the weather is like in South Florida, no matter where you are in the world.

Side Menu

The Local Population

Here, we are not talking about people. Learn about the local fish, birds, and other wildlife that call the beach their home.

Roots in the Sand

Learn about the flora, fauna, and coral that thrives within the shore ecosystem.

Off the Beachin’ Path

What makes a beach unique is also what surrounds it. Here, you will find information about the areas, nature preserves, and other parks that are near the beach.

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