Q: Where are you based?

A: We are currently based in South Florida. Why? We just so happened to already be here, and luckily it is a great place to start TBR’s journey because the beach is so intrinsic to the culture and lifestyle of this iconic region.

Q: What makes The Beach Review different from other beach/travel guides?

A: The Beach Review is similar to other beach/travel guides in that we share the same passion for travel and reverence for nature as other guides and publications do.

We are different in that our lens focuses not just on the features of the locale, but also on what we can do to contribute to protecting the coastal ecosystems, while working towards a sustainable future. We aim to raise awareness to the natural beauty of these locations, but will also illuminate the issues that these destinations are facing, such as pollution.

Q: Why are there some geographical gaps between beaches you feature?

A: There are two different reasons why this may be. The first reason being that we might not have covered this beach yet, but we might be on our way there right now! The second reason could be that there is a lot of area that is a private beach, whether it be owned by a hotel, condo, home, private club, or business. We won’t go on those beaches uninvited, and neither should you!

Q: Are you a non-profit?

A: We are not a non-profit at this time, however we strongly support all non-profits that share our common goals of environmental conservation and protection, and responsible tourism. If you are a non-profit interested in working with TBR, please contact us.

Q: Can I advertise with The Beach Review

A: For any inquiries regarding advertising, or products for TBR to review, please contact us and let us know about you, your business, or product.

Q: Who did your logo design? 

A: A wonderful designer named Timothy Youngs. Highly recommend him!

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