What is Responsible Tourism?

Responsible tourism is about visiting a wonderful location and its local population without impacting it in a negative way.

It is about leaving only footprints in the sand behind, and taking away only memories.

Also known as “sustainable tourism” or “ecotourism,” some people believe that this concept is unattainable, that this is an oxymoron. How can you promote travel and economy that will undoubtedly impact the local environment, while also protecting the environment?

In order for responsible tourism to work, it has to be a collective effort by both the visitors and the locals. Even the smallest consideration, such as picking up your own trash, not leaving cigarette butts in the sand, or even wearing the right suntan lotion can help the environment’s future.

Local businesses and hotels  take measures to be  environmentally friendly as well. Some have implemented green programs, such as putting water-saving fixtures in the bathroom, or asking their guests to ask for new towels only if absolutely  necessary. The Beach Review will seek out these establishments so you can know the eco-conscious hotels and resorts to stay at.

A little bit of environmental consciousness can go a long way. It is also contagious.

The leading scientists all believe that we must act now if we want to  stop global warming. Those of us who have the deeply engrained desire to travel appreciate the world around us, and want our future generations to enjoy the same beauty.

Go green. Travel green. Practice responsible tourism.


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